This page was made to bring you some of the excitement I felt when I spotted these ads for products of our beloved computer manufacturer Commodore. Unfortunately the original company is dead since 1994, only its name is still used to market products of doubtful quality. But please have a look at the pictures and enjoy the "chicken head"!

Here are some ads from the German supermarket Lidl, all are from 1998. I went there to have a look at the paper shredder, but all packages were tightly sealed. And I didn't want to buy one. The only thing I could see is that there's actually a chicken head on the device!

Please click the images to get a high-resolution version. But beware, they're large!

paper shredder



A recent sighting (January 1999) of yet another Commodore telephone. Again I went to have a look, this time I managed to find an open package. There wasn't much in there, just a cheap looking phone and a very brief description. It mentioned some Chinese company as manufacturer of the device.

Thanks to Markus Mehring, here is another ad about Commodore products, this time from Marktkauf. The model numbers are somewhat different from the ones we've seen in the Lidl ads.

shredder and phone

In May 1999 the typewriter appeared again, this time in the "REAL" supermarket. Seems to be the very same unit that has been sold by Lidl about one year ago.

The following ad was again provided by Markus Mehring (thanks!). Looks like the other ads I have from REAL, but I'll have to ask him where he got it from.


The next one is rather confusing, because the pictures and the text don't match.The telephone on top is the Commodore C2500, the one in the middle the C4100 and the remaining one is by Alcatel. And what is a clip-phone, by the way? From REAL, June, 7th 1999.

The Commodore 200CT. Maybe CT is for Cordless Telephone? This ad is from REAL, June, 21st 1999.

Another reincarnation of the C4000 as already shown above, but this time with an extra handset and charge bay. REAL, August, 30th 1999.

Lidl strikes back with the Commodore 250 CTA (probably for Cordless Telephone with Answering-machine), available from October, 6th 1999. Hey, that's next week at the time of this update! I guess I'll go and have a look, so look out for my report ;-)